Meet Paula


Paula Fletcher is our Councillor. Paula first ran for School Board Trustee after finding the playground at her children’s school, along with many others, torn down by the TDSB in the summer of 2000. As our Trustee, she fought the Harris government to stop massive school closures and to stop the cuts that forced parents to provide school supplies for classrooms, increased class sizes and hurt the public education system we all rely on.

In 2003, Paula was approached by Jack Layton to consider running for his Council seat, to carry on the important work of building an inclusive, affordable, liveable Toronto. Since her first election she has worked tirelessly with the community to lead Ward 30 through a period of tremendous change and revitalization. During her time as Councillor, the East end has become home to Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods and the community has worked hard to preserve the unique and diverse character of Toronto-Danforth while improving access to parks, services, local restaurants and shopping, and a thriving arts and culture scene.


When Paula served as Chair of the Parks & Environment Committee, she ushered in green standards and better parks services across the city. During her last term she was Chair of the Film, Television and Digital Media Board, where she worked to help grow a thriving film industry that in 2017 generated $1.6 billion in revenue for the city’s economy. She also helped create xoTO Schools, a pilot program with the Toronto District School Board that enhances access for location filming in 11 pre-approved TDSB properties and also creates educational opportunities for students.

By reaching out to Councillors of all stripes, Paula forged a coalition to save the Port Lands from reckless planning and private interests, marshalled support for a budget compromise that saved vital services, fought to make transit a priority again with a return to fact-based transit planning that re-prioritized the Relief Line, and gathered unprecedented support to save the Red Door Shelter on Queen Street.

Getting results can’t be done alone, and over her 15 years at Council, Paula has insisted that our community always have a seat at the table at City Hall. For every development proposal, Paula has insisted on extensive consultations. In areas facing tremendous development pressure Paula has directed the City to initiate planning studies to give the community a stronger voice. On everything from local traffic matters, to park upgrades, to unlocking the potential of the Port Lands, Paula’s first step is to listen to you and be your voice at City Hall.

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