My statement on the 25-ward election

Today’s decision by the Court of Appeal to revert to the 25-ward election imposed on Toronto by Doug Ford in Bill 5 is extremely disappointing. Ford’s move to change the rules in the middle of an election is motivated by petty vindictiveness, not any commitment to good government or efficiency.

Doug Ford’s actions once again show why we need strong progressive voices at City Hall now more than ever to stand up for the Toronto we love. I am running for re-election in the new Toronto-Danforth ward because I am ready to take on the bullies at Queen’s Park. But more importantly, I don’t want to lose sight of the tremendous opportunities we have in Toronto-Danforth to keep building the community we believe in – inclusive, green, safe, vibrant neighbourhoods where everyone has a place.

Toronto-Danforth, like in many other wards across the city, will be in the difficult position of having two incumbents running for re-election. My friend and colleague Mary Fragedakis is also running for Council. Mary and I agree – we are not going to let Doug Ford win in his cynical attempt to divide us. I am not running against Mary, and she is not running against me. We are both running for this community, and will be sharing our ideas and vision for Toronto-Danforth. It will be a positive and constructive campaign, focused on the issues that matter to our community.

I’m running because I want to work with residents to:

  • Build Transit — Getting the Relief Line and Smart Track right so that transit works for everyone.
  • Tackle Affordability — Investing in affordable housing, child care, recreation, and transit that leaves nobody behind.
  • Improve Road Safety — Smart investments in Vision Zero that put people first.
  • Protect Our Waterfront — Building on our successes to ensure the Port Lands and our waterfront are clean, green, and accessible for all.

Today’s court decision is painful, but as we move forward with this election, I’m reminded of another progressive voice who had the honour of representing Toronto-Danforth – love is better than anger, hope is better than fear, optimism is better than despair.